Although africrops! was officially founded in 2012, our story truly begins a couple of years earlier. In 2008 one of africrops! later founders, Heinrich moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where he worked as a development expert in the field of education. It was here that he first heard about Moringa and its incredible properties. As a scientist with a specific interest in plant physiology, he first met the astonishing claims he heard about Moringa with disbelief, but also felt compelled to investigate this plant and its properties further. What he found out in his research through countless scientific papers, as well as his own research absolutely amazed him. In hypothetical discussions with a friend, an economist, they considered the impact this plant could have on the African continent, both as a solution to malnutrition, as well as a key to promoting the African economy. These discussions remained just that for a long time, until Heinrich sat together with his daughter-in-law, Erika for a cup of tea and a slice of coffee. He had returned to his native Germany by now, but he had never forgotten about that amazing plant Moringa. He told Erika about it and she was immediately amazed. She knew people needed to know about this plant and get access to it. It was just too amazing to remain a secret. And what better place to start than in her home city, New York?


At africrops! we believe that Moringa is an extraordinary plant that can help a wide range of people. We therefore aim to increase awareness and knowledge about Moringa, while also providing a natural solution to a wide range of issues. We believe that Moringa is awesome just the way it is without being enriched or changed in any way – we therefore provide you only with pure, organically produced Moringa.

At africrops! we have a lot of roots in Africa (excuse the pun) and we hold the hope that Moringa can have a positive effect in promoting African Economic Development. We want to provide a sustainable model for how this can be achieved and be a part of this process. Moringa is able to grow very well in dry conditions, so it is perfect for the African environment. As long as high production and quality standards are kept, we believe that Moringa from Africa can compete in international markets and lead to sustained African economic development. We insist on a high quality product from our suppliers and pay them accordingly, thus promoting “Fair Trade instead of aid” in our pursuit of this aim.


At africrops! we have several core principles by which we abide in everything we do and that help us achieve the aims we have set out for ourselves.

1.) High quality. We always aim to provide you with nothing but the highest quality Moringa. We do this by abiding by organic principles in all production steps of the Moringa. We believe that Moringa is a great product the way it is and therefore do not enrich or alter it in any way.

2.) Fair Trade. We expect that high quality standards are met by our producers. Of course, if you work hard to ensure this quality, you should be paid accordingly and that is what we do. We aim to promote African economic development and we believe that unfair trade can greatly undermine this. We also do not engage in any kind of land-grabbing, child-labour or other damaging socio-economic practices.

3.) Ecological principles. We abide by several ecological principles to ensure that the land is not drained of its resources and that our Moringa can be sustainably produced at a high-quality. We provide this expertise to our producers and support them in implementing them.

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