Baobab oil: Its Uses and Benefits

BaobabTreeBaobab oil comes, you guessed it…, from the Baobab tree, also known by its latin name Adansonia digitata. The tree is arguably the most characteristic for Africa, and unique to the continent. It is extremely efficient at storing water and supporting its massive size even through long dry spells. To avoid losing moisture through its leaves, the branches are often bare for most of the year. This makes the branches look like roots and gives the tree the impression of having been turned on its head. Its massive size and odd appearance have lent an air of mystique to this wonderous tree and it is often at the center of tribal tales told all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Less mysterious, but no less amazing are the benefits of its oil.

When in season the Baobab tree grows huge fruit. This is also the reason the tree is sometimes known as the ‘monkeybread tree’.  The fruit already dries inside the shell and can be eaten. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which gives the fruit a pleasant, sour taste. In areas where Baobab grows the fruit is very popular with children. Inside the fruit is where the Seeds are found. These are simply cold-pressed and in a very straightforward, natural process Baobab oil is gained.

Baobab oil is a viscous, smooth oil that is extremely fast absorbing. This makes it a great moisturizer and even when applied to face or hands no greasy look or feel can be observed. Also electronic appliances, etc. can be used without having to fear smudging oil on the screen. It is just that quickly absorbed. It is also odorless, allowing completely discrete application even on large areas.

Baobab oil is one of the, if not the antioxidant-richest oil in the world and is even able to beat Moringa oil in this regard. This makes it extremely beneficial in terms of reducing the signs of aging and any kind of stretch marks. Additionally, Baobab oil also contains some vitamins and minerals that help nourish the skin, as well as some anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce skin irritations. It should however be added that if you are looking for stronger anti-inflammatory benefits, we recommend the Moringa oil, which is a lot stronger in this regard.

Apart from the skin, Baobab oil is also extremely beneficial when applied to dry and split hair.

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