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Most people who have eaten Moringa leaves fresh of the plant will agree that it’s the tastiest way to enjoy it. With its fresh, slightly spicy taste its taste can be best compared to that of rocket salad and can be used in much the same way. As it requires sunny conditions all year round to grow and is not native to North America, it is near impossible to get fresh Moringa leaves here. Finally, there is a solution however! With africrops! Moringa seeds, you can grow your own plant.

The first step is to place the Moringa seeds in a container of water for two days. After this time, place the seeds in a damp cloth. Check on the seeds every day until you see them beginning to sprout. Now take the seeds and plant them in a small pot. Make sure to have the roots facing downwards.

Make sure to have the plant in a warm place, where the plant is exposed to the sunlight. During the winter, place your plant in a warm room. The plant cannot endure temperatures below 60°F. If you feel that the plant is not receiving enough sunlight inside, you can improvise a little bit by pointing a lamp at it for a couple of hours a day.

Make sure to water your plant regularly, but avoid getting the soil too moist. The plant is used to dry conditions and therefore requires less water than you may think.

If you are using a container that is closed off in the bottom and does not have a whole for drainage, you may experience water logging if the plant is over-watered. A simple way to reduce the risk of this happening is to place some rocks in the bottom of the pot.

The Moringa plant can grow into a tall tree if left uncut. Once the plant becomes bigger, you may have to move your plant to a bigger pot.

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