The africrops way: Where does your Moringa come from and how has it been processed?

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LeavesInBasketAs part of africrops!’ fair trade philosophy, africrops! only buys Moringa from small-scale farmers. These are located in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia and often form small networks, which work together and process the Moringa together in one place. The small-scale farmers cultivate Moringa in pristine areas in which have never been exposed to chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides. As they cultivate and harvest on a small scale, rather than industrial scale the soil is also put under less environmental strain. All this ensures that you get a more nutritional, uncontaminated and completely organic product.

The plants are trimmed to keep them short and allow for easier harvesting, however they are only harvested once they are three years old. Studies showed that the leaves have the highest nutrient density at this time (especially Iron, Magnesium and Potassium). Once the plants are ready to be harvested, the farmers handpick the leaves of the tree. This has the advantage that we do not get any unwanted parts of the plant, such as the stems and ensures that none of the leaves get damaged in the process (when the leaves are damaged before they have been dried they turn brown and lose antioxidants). After the leaves have been picked they are washed in salt water to kill any possible fungi and bacteria. The leaves are then washed again in plain water to remove the remainder of the salt water.

The leaves are now dried in a dark room. It is very important from the moment that the Moringa leaves are picked to the moment they are consumed that the leaf or leaf powder is exposed to a minimal amount of direct sunlight as this can break down the antioxidants. Allowing the leaves to dry naturally at local temperatures keeps all other nutrients intact as well.

Once the leaves have been dried, they are ground into a fine powder. In barrels the powder then leaves its place of origin and is transported to South Africa. Here the Moringa leaf powder undergoes a series of tests to ensure that all quality standards in terms of nutritional value, as well as organic pureness are maintained. Once this has been confirmed the powder is packaged and labeled. This, and all other processing steps are purposefully made in Africa to leave as much value as possible there. Once they are ready, the packages are shipped from South Africa to New York. As soon as the leaf powder arrives in New York, it undergoes inspection by the FDA to ensure that their standards are met. Once this has been done the packages are distributed by africrops! and you get to enjoy all the benefits of the most nutritional plant in the world!

We are proud to bring you this high-quality, African product that from start to finish has been completely fairly traded and is organically produced. It is also completely free of any fillers, preservatives or colorants. Just pure leaf powder!

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  • Michael

    Can the leaves be cooked and eaten like spinach?
    What else can the rest.of the plant be used for?
    Michael VerveenVerveen

    • admin

      Hi, the leaves can indeed be cooked in the same way as spinach. Also of course it can be made into a tea. The Seeds, as well as their pods (when fresh and green) can also be eaten. This is particularly popular as a curry. The roots as well, they can be used as a horseradish substitute. To learn more about the other parts of the plant, please also have a look at our ‘Moringa’ page.

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